Brain in Mind

Teaching and Learning – With The Brain in Mind

Everyone will find this non-technical presentation about recent brain research very interesting and practical.

Brain researchers tell us that 90% of what we know about the human brain has been discovered in the last 5 years. Recent brain research has important implications for all of us involved in teaching, working, learning, leading and parenting.
Participants in this workshop will discuss answers to the following questions:
• Why are memory and emotions so closely tied together

• What happens to the brain when we put drugs into our bodies

• How much of our intelligence is a result of nature and what role does nurturing play in intelligence

• What does brain research tell us about why some people are so violent these days

• Why is a person’s EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) 4 times as accurate in predicting the person’s success in life as the IQ (Intelligence Quotient)

• How can a person increase his or her emotional intelligence

• How can we create a brain-friendly environment in our colleges, schools, classes, offices and homes

• How can I teach so students learn in a mindful way rather than by merely memorizing content

• What happens to intelligence as we age? How can we, as adults, maintain peak mental ability for as long as we live?How do nutrition, exercise, heredity, stress, friendships, and other factors affect our mental sharpness?

We will examine and demonstrate practical ways in which we can apply the information from brain research to our work and our lives outside of work.
(This presentation is designed to be 3 hours in length. It can be shorter or longer.)
This workshop can be modified to suit various audiences. For example – Leading with the Brain In Mind – Parenting with the Brain in Mind -Working with the Brain in Mind

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