Cognitive Sciences

Why Your DNA Isn’t Your Destiny

Why Your DNA Isn’t Your Destiny By John Cloud The remote, snow-swept expanses of northern Sweden are an unlikely place to begin a story about cutting-edge genetic science. The kingdom’s northernmost county, Norrbotten, is nearly free of human life; an average of just six people live in each square mile. And yet this tiny population can reveal a lot about how genes work in our...

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Sternbergs Response To Jensen

Now that you have had a look at Dr. Eric Jensen’s ideas on educational neuroscience, have a look at what Dr. Robert Sternberg has to say about Eric’s ideas. Download and read the article below. Discuss this with each other and see if your ideas have changed after reading both articles. Download: Sternbergs reply to Jensen...

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A Fresh Look At Brain Based Learning

In the last 20 years there has been an explosion in the information available to instructors about how the brain works and the implications of this for training. It has become a field of practice known as Educational Neuroscience. This article by Eric Jensen sums up a lot of the information for us. Please download and read the article below, and then discuss it with each other on this blog. What...

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